Pieza de Corazón


Heart Piece

Electronic music, movement and staging, 2001

Duration: one hour

Premiere: California Institute of the Arts, U.S., 2001

Creation grant, California Institute of the Arts, U.S., 2000

Based on Heiner Müller’s play by the same name. Müller's drama is taken as a starting point for the development of a performance consisting of fixing two human bodies as elaborate entrées. This culinary ritual makes reference to how primary needs, such as feeding, are refined into sophisticated concepts such as cuisine, love or art through culture. The play, culinary process, and sacrifice ritual follow parallel developing lines showing the fine boundaries between nature and culture, intrinsic aspects of human life.


The music includes electronics and real time sound manipulation.



Alba Triana would like to thank:


•   Marcela Oteíza: co-direction and staging

•   Luis Fernando Henao: technical direction and sound processing consulting