Partitura Sonora


Interactive Virtual Book, 2009

Undetermined duration

Premiere: BLAA, Bogota, Colombia, 2009

National Creation Grant, Ministry of Culture, Colombia, 2009

Included in the high quality cultural portfolio, Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Honorific mention: Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Fifth All-Media Juried Biennial, 2011, U.S.

Sounding Score is a musical interactive installation, presented as a virtual book that engages visitors to play with the formal structure of a musical piece by Alba Triana. Spectators create their own compositional construction by activating interactive buttons in the book, and by moving forward or backwards in the piece when turning pages.


1.  The Score


As the piece unfolds, the book shows a real-time visual representation of musical parameters:
























This visual content supports the intuitive understanding of the composition, and guides the audience in their playing with the formal structure and performance of the piece.


2.  The Music


At the compositional level, renewability is a determinant factor. Although perceived as the same, the music is always different. Not only because of the mobility of the formal structure, but also because musical parameters rearrange with each interaction. According to a system of probabilities designed by the composer, a computer application generates new combinations of pitches, registers, timbers and dynamics every time the piece plays.


3.  Technical Components


Music software: generates the actual sounds of the piece according to the visitor’s decisions, and the probabilities established by the composer for each part of the composition.

Animation software: draws the musical representations in real time.

Interactive interface: consisting of an infrared rear projection system, which allows the public to interact with a suspended glass emulating a musician stand.


4.  Conceptual Basis


Sounding Score reflects upon basic constituent elements in traditional music practice. It poses questions such as what is an instrument, what is a musical score, what are the rolls (spectator, performer, composer), what is a musical aesthetic experience, what is music. The work proposes redefinitions of music and its basic elements from a contemporary perspective, contextualizing them within the new mentality, technological resources and current life style.


In Sounding Score:


•   The score is score and instrument. Its simple visual design makes technical musical information accessible to anyone.

•   The instrument is a book. It is played by simple actions like turning pages or activating buttons, without requiring any training or special skills.

•   The spectator is spectator and performer. The music is composed by the artist, but the spectators create their own version.

•   The musical piece renews itself with every interaction.

•   The esthetic musical experience is participative, interpretative, interactive, collaborative, musical and visual.

•   The work is the score, the musical composition, and to a greater extent, the nature of the experience proposed.



Alba Triana would like to thank:


•   Luis Fernando Henao: technical consulting

•   Rodrigo Facundo: visual design consulting

•   Juan Ricardo Forero: music piece programing

•   Nelson Ramón, Sebastian Gonzáles: animation programing